Summer Body Butter


Pure Essentials Summer Body Butter
Pure unrefined organic Shea butter, Organic Unrefined Cocoa Butter, Pure organic fractionated Coconut oil (MCT), Pure bees wax- local from two creeks honey, Organic cold pressed virgin Jojoba oil, Organic sesame oil, Vitamin E oil.
doTERRA essential oils CTPG- above organic quality
Lavender, Green Mandarin, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Gardenia, Spearmint, Lime, Patchouli, Hawaiian Sandalwood. A harmonious blend of floral and citrus overtones settle into a combination of spearmint and wood to keep you cool and uplifted during the summer.
This product has been designed with Ayurvedic principles in mind.
A careful selection of Ingredients along with doTERRA essential oils have been chosen to bring potent medicinal qualities. The base Ingredients of Shea and Cocoa butter and the combination of Carrier oils will provide a strong barrier to the skin encouraging a healthy immune support.  The Sesame, Jojoba and MCT oil have been recognised in providing varied Sun UV ray protection.

This body Butter has a thick consistency which requires time to apply to your body.
Think of it as self care.
You can apply it directly after bathing to serve as your daily body moisturizer and perfume or you can apply
to the body making sure it is all absorbed before bathing but avoid washing away with soap.
For best results massage into your entire body, beginning at the extremities & working toward the middle of
the body.
Use long strokes on the limbs & circular strokes on the joints.
Massage your abdomen, chest & breasts in broad clockwise circular motions. On your abdomen follow the
path of the large intestine, moving up on the right of the abdomen, then across, then down on the left side.
Massage 5-20 mins with love and positive affirmations
Incantations of love & pure goodness have been infused in the making of your body butter

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Shelf Life- Use by April 2023. Please take care of your body butter. Exposing to extreme temperature can cause it to melt. If this happens it may seperate and go grainy. Keep in a cool place.


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