My favourite is the body polish of your products. 

Both the autumn and winter I find grounding, nourishing. 

The winter blend is great I used it yesterday afternoon before my shower. The scent is earthy with a pick up from the pink pepper, which gives lightness when used. 

My main comment is I prefer this to any oil on the body! It leaves nourishment without the grease. 

Best, Emma.



I am Inspired daily by Nature, Art, Science and health which have led me to the ancient sciences of Art, Yoga and Ayurveda. My work here is to weave the timeless elements that comprise them to help you thrive in your daily life. My passion for sharing natural health solutions began with teaching Yoga in 2005. I teach traditional hatha yoga. I draw my teaching from 24 years of yoga experience influenced from astanga yoga, Satyananda yoga and more recently shadow yoga. In my classes yoga sequences reflect on the principle known as vinyasa-Krama. Krama meaning to step, nyasa meaning to place and vi-in a special way. Within this format I choose asana that form a progression inviting one posture to set up the body for the next. In order for you to get the best out of your practice I honor the rhythms that are important in yoga and consider the time of day, the seasons and the moon cycles to guide my classes.

I have a strong appreciation for quality, beauty in nature and humanity which has always guided me to a more holistic approach to living and connecting with people.
Completing a bachelor of arts in painting and sculpture sustained my tactile senses in colour, form and space for some time but my recent focus is sharing these ancient eastern philosophies to help people live a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. In ayurveda aromatherapy is an important aspect of therapy that trigger the olfactory pathways and influence body mind and spirit.
I have been aware of the powerful properties of essential oils for 20 years but it has only been until discovering the pristine purity of doTERRA that I have began to weave them into my daily routines improving the health of myself and my family. I have realized the importance of avoiding toxic chemicals in the home switching to more natural products to build immunity. This is how Pure Essentials Ayurvedic alchemy formulated. Having an understanding of the basic principles in Ayurveda has inspired me to create pure quality products that we use frequently on our bodies and in our homes. Knowing how toxins can be absorbed into our bodies helps us take the necessary precautions to avoid them and to introduce products that enhance health and well being. Ingredients are sourced wherever possible to be organic and sustainable to the environment.

Every body is unique, educating ourselves with basic ayurvedic principles empowers us to make better choices for ourselves allowing us to thrive in a state of good health. This unique and timeless combination of practises will inspire a joyful spirit, introducing you to your deepest, innermost self as you come to weave them into your daily routines.
My mission is to become the best possible version of myself and help you celebrate who you are in this moment and grow closer to who you want to become.
The vision of the doTERRA company to help and empower people globally with natural health solutions align with my own ambitions to assist people to live in a state of balance and harmony in health and well being.
I hope to inspire you to read into your own daily operating consciousness, begin through witnessing your thoughts, emotions, reactions and feelings in every aspect of life, inquire of yourself what you are.