Determining your constitution

To Determine your constitution you will need to complete the chart twice from here-

First time filling in the chart base your evaluations from your overall life, this will be your Prakruti. Secondly fill in the chart in response to how you have been feeling most recently in this moment and over the last month or two. This will determine your Vikruti. You will need to evaluate yourself as accurately and honestly as you can. Avoid the temptation to see yourself as you would like to be rather than as you are. Find a friend or family member who knows you very well and who can help identify any of your blind spots. Once you have completed the charts add up the number of marks you have filled in under the different doshas Vata, Pitta, Kapha to discover your unique balance of the doshas in your Prakruti and your Vikruti. It is rare for a person to be equal in dosha. Most people fit predominately into one category and secondly into another. Your highest score in one category is what will determine your constitution for your prakruti and for your vikruti. It is good to know your overall Prakruti in order to have a better understanding of your own nature. Finding balance and harmony in your life in the present moment you will look to your vikruti to determine which dosha may be out of balance. This way you can follow particular lifestyle guidelines appropriate for your dosha that will bring you to an ultimate state of health. To get a more accurate evaluation for your constitution you can visit a qualified Ayurvedic doctor in your area. Those in Sydney I can recommend Dr Rama Prasad 0425 233 426 or Benjamin Haynes 0405 650 588

Yogayuroma encourages you to have a clear understanding of your own unique constitution. This knowledge will empower you to make correct choices in many different lifestyle categories we especially help to prescribe the correct yoga asana, diet, essential oils & body products.

To gain more understanding of your constitution and how the basic fundamentals of Ayurveda can improve your health we recommend you to purchase Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-Healing[Hardcover]: Usha Lad, Dr. Vasant Lad: Books or if you choose to subscribe to the ayurvedic institute which I can recommend Usha Lad is offering several recipes from the book as a complimentary download – Ayurveda – Ayurveda -scroll down to the bottom of the page to subscribe.

This book will educate you on the attributes of the 3 doshas and how they show up in the individual along with a comprehension of the 5 elements, the fundamental principles that make up the human body and the entire world. You will learn about taste and digestion and the different qualities of certain foods. This empowers you to make the right choices that help to harmonise your unique doshic balance. When you know the heating or cooling energy (Virya) and the post-digestive effect (Vipaka) of a substance you can gain an understanding of how that substance will effect your digestive process. From the more gross physical aspects to the more subtle emotional aspects. The book has charts for food combining, meal planning, what foods are to favour and to avoid for the different doshas and a list of the qualities of different food substances all making it easier for you to make better choices to incorporate into your daily lifestyle. There is also an extensive list of ayurvedic recipes and remedies for you to begin to create an ayurvedic way of life.