Pure essentials rose, witch hazel facial toner with yarrow/pom



Pure essentials rose witch hazel toner is infused with doTERRA yarrow/pom essential oil. This essential oil blend is high in anti-oxidant properties. It contains linoleic acid that promotes healthy skin shedding and renewel, helping to keep pores clear and your complexion bright.

A careful selection of ingredients have been selected for this toner to help balance, hydrate and moisturise your skin.

The purpose of using a toner is to help remove excess oils and dead skin cells that may have been left behind after washing. Toning also, very importantly, helps your moisturiser penetrate deeper into your skin. Moist skin is much better able to absorb nutrients than dry skin. By toning before you moisturise, you are making your moisturiser more effective.

Ingredients list- Distilled water, rose floral water, witch hazel, Aloe-vera juice, liquid panthenol (Vitamin B5), vegetable glycerine, Yarrow/Pom essential oil doTERRA, liquid germal+ 0.5% (broad spectrum preservative)

Lightly spray your face with Pure essentials toner after cleansing with pure essentials oil to milk cleanser and before moisturising with pure essentials anti-aging moisturiser.

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Pure essentials rose, witch hazel facial cleanser with yarrow/pom


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