Pure Essentials Sunscreen summer blend 2021


Pure doTERRA essential oils of Lavender, Green mandarin, Geranium, Patchouli & Peppermint have been carefully selected to enhance the medicinal properties of this blend of ingredients.

Made with carrier oils of pure extra virgin fractionated coconut oil to help reflect radiation, cool & moisturize your skin.

Pure jojoba oil for it’s sunscreen properties & for the vitamins & minerals it contains.

Unrefined organic shea butter for it’s powerful hydrating qualities & high content in Vitamin A,E & F helping to promote good healthy skin balance & a healthy glow.

Two creeks pure beeswax sourced from the blue mountains added to help form a barrier on the skin & from the environment without clogging pores. Along with acting as a anti-bacterial agent beeswax is high in Vitamin A which has been known to support cell reconstruction.

Australian Non-Nano Zinc Oxide sourced for it’s particle size as to prevent being absorbed into the body forms a broad spectrum protection against UVA & AVS rays.

This recipe contains 20% zinc oxide giving at least 20% SPF protection.

Vitamin E is known for it’s preservative qualities & as a powerful anti oxidant that may be effective in reducing UV damage.

As this is a mineral based sunscreen it will not penetrate the skin. It will sit on the skins surface to reflect the rays but will eventually wash off in water, so it is important to reapply every hour.

This product contains only natural ingredients to prevent adding more toxicity to our system. It will stiffen in cooler temperatures and soften in warmer conditions.  Take a little care to keep out of direct sunlight for a stable consistency and a longer shelf life. If taken care of it should last for up to a year. As it has no preservatives it is best not to use your hands to scoop out the product.

Always trust your nose if it doesn’t smell right then it’s not.

For best results apply consciously, massage into your entire body, beginning at the extremities & working toward the middle of the body. Use long strokes on the limbs & circular strokes on the joints. Massage your abdomen and chest in broad clockwise circular motions. On your abdomen follow the path of the large intestine, moving up on the right of the abdomen, then across, then down on the left side.

Massage until you have coated the whole body with love and positive affirmations.

Incantations of love and pure goodness have been infused in the making of your pure essentials sunscreen.




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